About Me

Who am I?

I should probably start with the fact that I am an extreme case of obsessive fangirl who likes to put words into strings of sentences that most people prefer calling ‘a story’. Not only once, I have been told that I am more alive in unreality that I am in my real life. So consider yourself warned that I can only speak the international language of nerd-talking.

What does my obsession has got to do with anything I post here?

Well, apparently, I forgot to mention that stuffs I seriously obsess won’t be given reviews here. It’s too sacred for me, in my own little world. So if you’re looking for reviews about Vampire Academy, Shadowhunters, or something related to “1,772453851” you’d better skip this out, and go somewhere else.

So what in the name of fangs, claws, pointed ears, and Raziel, do I post here?

I post things I seriously think need to be posted, not because I think you’ll die if you don’t know, but more because I think I’ll die if you don’t know.

No kidding.

My sinful soulful heart will stop beating only when I can’t produce a single writing anymore.

I will be posting a lot of reviews for realistic fictions, but more from other genres will follow up soon. So keep up, or get left out.

So that’s me: a shade between black and white. (My friend suggests that I put more pink into my life, but I have yet to fall for any cheesy lines.) Thanks for checking out 😀


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