Easy by Tammara Webber: A Review


If I could give 6 out of 5 stars for a book, I wouldn’t hesitate for a split second to give it to this swoon-worthy book.

Personal Appeal of ‘LM’

Having the tendency to fall for brain guys and just broken up with one, Jacqueline Wallace immediately found a new interest in her life: Lucas, the supposedly knight in shining armor who saved her from rape.

But then there is this one very intriguing tutor, Landon Maxfield, who seems like the best boyfriend material. Though only contacted by email, anyone can see how smart and funny the guy is. (Girls would drool over smart talk, wouldn’t we?)

And…those two are the same person. His name is Landon Lucas Maxfield.

Hence the initials LM.

Broken and Beautiful

A lot of authors attempted this term to their characters, but instead most of them resulted in lame, spineless male specimen.

Some authors, though, such like E.L. James, successfully apply the ‘broken and beautiful’ rule. Look at Christian Grey. Compare it with Travis Maddox.

Okay, snap out of it. Now focus on Landon Lucas Maxfield.

Tammara Webber succeeds in portraying a guy with shady past, but oh…so beautiful. One is not in her right mind if she doesn’t swoon over this guy. No other guy can say ‘fuck it’ with the same effect Landon Lucas Maxfield has.

Forbidden Love

Again, what’s more appealing in romance if not a covert relationship between a student and her tutor? And a sexy, smart tutor named LM, for that one.

Easy is a thrilling, not cheesy, yet swoon-worthy story. I wouldn’t call it a story, though. It’s more an art than it is a story.

~Tiffani Judith~


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