Confess: a novel by Colleen Hoover


Remember how Colleen Hoover had Griffin Peterson sing the book soundtrack of Maybe Someday? Not so much different, now here are all the paintings painted after the confessions in Confess.

“Sometimes I wonder if being dead would be easier than being his mother.”
~anonymous confession~


In Confess, this is the first of Owen’s paintings that Auburn saw in his studio. It was just an hour before the art show she was going to be hired for by him. In her mind, she thought of how beauty and shame were combined in this picture. True as her thoughts, that is exactly how the confession is supposed to be portrayed.

“I’ve never let anyone see me without makeup. My greatest fear is what I’ll look like at my funeral. I’m almost certain I’ll be cremated, because my insecurities run so deep, they’ll follow me into the afterlife. Thank you for that, Mother.”
~anonymous confession~


Auburn saw this one right before she found out how Owen highlighted some certain confessions.

“You Don’t Exist, God. And If You Do, You Should Be Ashamed.”
~anonymous confession~


When told in Owen’s point of view, he describes how this particular confession inspires him to paint his mother, who died along with his brother in a car wreck driven by Owen himself.

“Nothing but Blues”
~a non-confession title~


Owen Mason Gentry only saw his father as the color blue. His father disappointed him, because he destroyed himself after the car wreck… And Owen himself couldn’t have done the same to his life, feeling sorry for himself forever. But there was one girl who saved him…

“I take a step back and I stare at the only piece I have left of her.”
~Owen Mason Gentry~


This was the way he wanted to remember her for the one night they spent: not happy, even a little sad. An expression that showed she was going to miss him. That was Auburn: the girl who saved him without knowing it.

“I’ll love you forever. Even when I can’t.”
~Adam’s confession~


When Owen’s life had been going down with his father in comatose and the rest of his family gone, he saw a girl who stopped the nurse from throwing away a box of painting kit the belonged to the girl’s dying boyfriend, Adam. Upon seeing this, Owen tried his first attempt in painting based on Adam’s last confession to the girl, Auburn.

“Tell me something about yourself that no one else knows. Something I can keep for myself.”- Adam’s regular request to Auburn

Adam asked him to send this painting to Auburn, and until the end, Auburn still believes that the painting was painted by Adam for her. Owen let her stay on that belief, because it’s not his confession to tell. But since then, the two of them – Adam and Auburn – had been his inspiration to create art out of confessions.

~Tiffani Judith~


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