Hate List by Jennifer Brown: A Review


Warning: do not read this book if you don’t have strong mental. I literally had mental breakdown for a week after I finished the book.

She loved Nick. But not the Nick everyone was talking about. Not the Nick who shot people at the school and later on shot himself. Not the Nick that made her wake up in the hospital with disappointed faces. Not the Nick that made everyone hate to see her face because she reminded them of Nick the shooter.

She loved Nick. She loved the Nick that read Shakespeare plays for her, the one that laughed together with her when he made her laugh. She loved the Nick that understood how it felt like to live in a broken family. He understood her.

She understood him.

But she didn’t understand Nick the shooter.

And that didn’t change the fact that everyone was blaming her for everything.

In a very exquisite choice of wording and downpour of emotion in each of the sentences of this story, Jennifer Brown tells a story that brings a powerful one-sided point of view that eventually leads to one understanding. Hate List is a portrait of the turmoil in every teenage girl’s self that wants to be understood.


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