Fall for Anything by Courtney Summers: A Review


“A smile and a laugh. These things feel wrong in their rightness.”

You can believe, you can trust, but you never know what you’re falling for.

When your best friend and your almost-catatonic mom are not really there as much as you want for you at the same time when the person you hate the most is staying at your house, and when you can’t really get over the suicide your dad committed, you take whatever answer people offer you. Even if it is from a stranger called Culler Evans who claims to be your dad’s student.

And that is exactly what Eddie Reeves is doing as the world all around her seem to just not get her. She wants to understand why her dad did it. And while her only best friend, Milo, is dating a Marilyn-Monroe-wannabe, she can lie to herself that there are answers.

She can lie to herself that her dad really left something for her to figure out…while there is none.


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