Cracked Up To Be by Courtney Summers: A Review


Letting herself slip away from everyone’s attention is what Parker almost succeeded in doing. From her ex, by trying to substitute herself with a ex-friend, from her parents, by trying to substitute herself with a dog.

Well, it seemed that everything was planned so well… but Jake, a new student in the school seemed to be able to see through her. She was the most popular girl, straight-A student, everything the best girl parents wanted. But now she’s none of those things.

Jake knew. He knew somehow that something was causing her to shut everyone out. Or rather, to make everyone shut her out. But he didn’t know why she was doing this.

It was clear that something was wrong.

But Parker couldn’t be wrong, right? She was the best girl. People, especially girls, usually only changed their attitude suddenly if something was wrong in their love life.

And no, nothing seemed wrong with her love life. She was not a victim of abduction, murder attempt, or rape.

Not exactly.

This book is just so easy to relate to what’s really happening around in real life, that sometimes I feel we’re really just going in through a true story. With the incredibly awesome writing style of Courtney Summers, I am drowned completely in this story.


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