Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover: A Review


After knowing the side of Sky’s story from her point of view, now it’s Holder’s turn to tell his side of the story.

In the journey of grieving his sister’s death, accompanied by the infamous tattoo “HOPELESS”, Dean Holder starts it all with a journal he writes, in which all the pages in it are as though letters he wrote to Les, his sister. In them, he wrote about how he felt like he had failed Less just like how he had failed Hope, a girl from his childhood whose kidnapping he blamed on himself.

And then he met Sky, who is exactly who Hope could have been if she grew up.

But telling Sky the truth he suspects would mean losing her. Again.

Dean Holder tells their childhood memories, about the pinkie-promise and the sky. Losing Hope is not the least bit less wonderful than Hopeless, but one thing remains a wonder…

How can Dean Holder still be mysterious after his mystery is unraveled?

~Tiffani Judith~

Hopeless by Colleen Hoover: A Review


“I’m so glad that tonight’s not one of the nights that the doorknob turns.
It’s so quiet.
So quiet.
And then it’s not, because the doorknob turns.” – Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

Everything else in Sky’s life seems normal:
Her adoptive mother is vegetarian (fairly normal), she lives in an anti-tech home (that sucks, but still not that abnormal), she is homeschooled, she bakes when her mother isn’t home, and she invites boys to her room. A lot.

But that is where the abnormality starts:
She doesn’t feel a thing when a boy touches her. Not even a tingling feeling when a boy kisses her.

At least that was how Sky lived her life before she met Holder.

“The feeling is so foreign; I’m not sure what it is. I can’t say what is so different about him that would prompt my first-ever normal biological response to another person.” – Hopeless by Colleen Hoover

All dimples and mysterious with his Hopeless tattoo, Dean Holder captivated the sarcastic Sky at the first sight. He acted like he knew her before. Like they were soulmates in the past and…that could have been true.

But Holder is not perfect, just like how Sky has been torn in the past the she couldn’t remember. Being with Holder, dealing with his mood swings, his nightmares, her own nightmares, she discovered the past her mind had blocked… The past that told Sky how the whole life she was living in had been a lie.

Told in Sky’s point of view, Colleen Hoover once again created a beautiful, emotional story that makes the readers want to scribble Sky’s and Dean’s name all over everywhere of this epic love story. (Personally, I hereby declare I am in an epic love affair with Hopeless by Colleen Hoover.)

~Tiffani Judith~

Hate List by Jennifer Brown: A Review


Warning: do not read this book if you don’t have strong mental. I literally had mental breakdown for a week after I finished the book.

She loved Nick. But not the Nick everyone was talking about. Not the Nick who shot people at the school and later on shot himself. Not the Nick that made her wake up in the hospital with disappointed faces. Not the Nick that made everyone hate to see her face because she reminded them of Nick the shooter.

She loved Nick. She loved the Nick that read Shakespeare plays for her, the one that laughed together with her when he made her laugh. She loved the Nick that understood how it felt like to live in a broken family. He understood her.

She understood him.

But she didn’t understand Nick the shooter.

And that didn’t change the fact that everyone was blaming her for everything.

In a very exquisite choice of wording and downpour of emotion in each of the sentences of this story, Jennifer Brown tells a story that brings a powerful one-sided point of view that eventually leads to one understanding. Hate List is a portrait of the turmoil in every teenage girl’s self that wants to be understood.

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver: A Review


From the author of Delirium series, here is a story that blows your mind away once you are finished with this one…

Do you know of Delirium series?
Know what Amor Deliria Nervosa means?
You know the amazing author that brings us to the powerful emotions and tensions she created in each of the scenes?

Yeah, that’s right. It’s Lauren Oliver we’re talking about here.

A realistic-fiction YA debut of Lauren Oliver—Before I Fall, is one of the masterpieces by Oliver that tells about how a girl dies, and repeats the day she died over and over again.

Samantha is not the typical protagonist you find in stories. In Before I Fall, Oliver introduces us to a very extraordinary kind of point of view— A popular high school girl who bullies, tries to seduce a teacher, and yet dies a virgin. Literally.

It should have been a typical party night of Valentine’s day, except that for that night, she had planned to lose her virginity to her boyfriend, Rob.

Oh, yes, she loved Rob. Or so she thought.

What had happened instead was that Rob got drunk, so they didn’t do it. And Kent, the host of the party, said something weird about him being able to see through her. And Juliet, a girl Samantha, Liz and her other friends bully regularly at school, appears like a supermodel in the middle of the party just to call them names.

And then the typical: drive drunk, and you die in a car accident.

Except that because it had been a weird enough night and yet it hadn’t been weird enough at all, Samantha woke up to the same day she died again. Everything went the same again, as if she hadn’t just died the night before.

But it was not a dream. Samantha knew that. And through being dead again in every night of the same repeated Valentine’s night, she discovered that it wasn’t all about her death, but also the suicide of Juliet the same night she had the accident, and a true love she finds in a boy she had never expected to fall for.

This story has a deep, hard, everlasting effect on anyone who reads it. Once you drown into the repetitive seven days of Samantha’s death, you will begin to see this world differently. You’ll look back on the things you’ve done wrong in the past. You’ll see things you haven’t noticed before.

And maybe, you’ll wonder this night if you’d die today, would you have wanted it to be your last day?